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Your Guide to CBD Oil

Your Guide to CBD Oil

Your Guide to CBD Oil

This is a guide to help you get all the questions you guys have on CBD. CBD is still getting asked multiple questions on its hidden talents. Questions such as: Are it safe for my kids to use? Is CBD safe for my little fur baby? Or how about, what are the negative side effects of CBD, are there any? Well, do not worry Verde is here to guide you through the wonderful and magical world of CBD.

What is CBD?

Ok so let us begin with lesson #1 everyone using CBD should know. What exactly is CBD? Well CBD (Cannabidiol) is a Phytocannabinoid discovered back in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. In the year 2019, clinical research on cannabidiol included studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain.

What Are The Differences Between CBD And THC?

In contrast to THC, which is the cognitive component in marijuana, CBD has been associated with feelings of euphoria and relaxation. As such, some people find it highly effective in alleviating nausea, anxiety, and other physical discomforts like joint pain. It is important to note that the effects might differ from person to person. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects.

Can I Give Human CBD To My Pets? Is It Safe For Them To Have?

Keeping in mind the issues of product quality and labeling, the answer is yes, you can give human CBD oil to your dog. However, dosing is a big part of proper administration. Yet, there is no official standardized dosing chart for pets – or humans, for that matter.

The Help Of Our Pets

Pets have been a major factor in the changing attitudes of Hemp CBD! One of the first states to strongly regulate the sale of Hemp CBD products was Indiana. Many other states, including Utah and Texas, have adopted similar labeling standards, making Indiana a leader in Hemp CBD policy. That is in large part thanks to Indiana dog and CBD user Teddy McDermott.

Teddy McDermott

Individuals like Teddy McDermott helped normalize CBD in conservative states like Indiana. Hemp CBD pet products exist in a legal gray area but in most cases appear generally to be safe. However, stakeholders still need to establish the safety of these products with AAFCO and the FDA. Remember, what is safe for you may not be safe for your pet, so proceed with caution when giving your pets Hemp CBD.

Can I Shop Personally For My Own CBD?

Yes! CBD is legalized, from small stores to huge business corporations, CBD has been incorporated into products such as lotions, shampoos, and yes food is included in this (But we will get to that soon). As you walk down the aisles of the grocery store picking out your regular household foods and scanning other products, while research on cannabis’ CBD is limited and still in the preliminary stages, that has not stopped the CBD industry. Considering its versatility available in a variety of products, the sales of CBD have skyrocketed not only in grocery stores but seemingly everywhere.

What Celebrities Support CBD?

It may come as a surprise to you, but yes, CBD is not only popular amongst our local communities, but also within our celebrity community. No, Snoop Dog is not the only one who is a cannabidiol enthusiast. Kristen Bell, Whoopie Goldberg, and these are only a couple. Look down below to see some other celebrities interested in this mysterious cure-all plant.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is a well-known advocate for cannabis products, having vaped cannabis for years to treat pain and glaucoma. Goldberg recently ventured into the CBD market in 2016 with Maya Elisabeth to produce a range of accessible products, aimed at providing relief from menstrual cramps.

Kristen Bell

Actor Kristen Bell has been an advocate for both CBD and cannabis for years, stating in an interview in 2018 that “cannabis is my drug of choice”. In addition, she recently announced that she has teamed up with the luxury CBD brand, Lord Jones, to develop an affordable CBD product line.

Tom Hanks

Another of the surprising celebrities to be interested in the potential of CBD and cannabis is Tom Hanks. While suffering from anxiety throughout his acting career, Hanks reportedly tried several pills to ease the problem. However, he swears that nothing has been as effective as CBD in battling his anxiety, as well as other problems, like arthritis and minor aches & pains. Hanks has also worked with Cornell University to investigate the effects of CBD on Type 2 Diabetes.

Seth Rogen

It may not come as a surprise that Seth Rogen has a passion for the cannabis product. However, his strong belief in the product’s effects on Alzheimer’s disease has prompted him to begin a not-for-profit organization, and even speak out in Congress about the issue.

Is CBD Good To Take With Food?

All these celebrities have benefited from CBD in one way or another. CBD has so many ways of being taken. Some of these ways include drinking CBD (with the use of water-soluble) using lotions to rub into your skin, inhaling from CBD cartridges and my personal favorite, CBD infused foods!
CBD infused meals have become quite the hot commodity. People everywhere have been creating meals to help them take CBD comfortably. This commodity has become so big that there are now cooking shows with CBD as their star.

Can I Cook With CBD?

Cooking food with CBD oil is gaining a lot of popularity, even outside commercial food. Many people have started to use CBD oil to make homemade beverages like smoothies, coffee, and milkshakes. Considering oil evaporates at high temperatures, sautéing CBD containing food in an open pan is out of the question. Desserts are an excellent option when making CBD infused food. The tricky part of using CBD oil in cooking centers around dosages. One should be thoroughly informed on dosages and use a product that has a verified CBD concentration, or they risk either using too much or too little of it.

Verde CBD

Verde has been helping everyone from animals to pets with their high-quality CBD products. Carrying everything from tinctures to gummies. Find out more about how our CBD products can help and benefit you and your loved ones. For more questions and  answers on the mysterious CBD plant, Visit or contacts us today at (407) 393-5757


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