How do I know if CBD would be right for me?

How do I know if CBD would be right for me? Is CBD For you? CBD is known as the miracle plant, the cure-all, plant, the plant meant to help with almost any health issues. But how do you know if CBD is right for you, or better yet... Are you right for CBD? (more…)

Your Guide to CBD Oil

Your Guide to CBD Oil This is a guide to help you get all the questions you guys have on CBD. CBD is still getting asked multiple questions on its hidden talents. Questions such as: Are it safe for my kids to use? Is CBD safe for my little fur baby? Or how about, what are the negative side effects of CBD, are there any? Well, do not worry Verde is here to guide you through the wonderful and magical world...

How to Use CBD in Healthy Cooking

CBD is a very versatile substance that is popping up in many products and industries – sports medicine, spas, pet treats and even cosmetics. Now, CBD is making it’s way into a new category – cooking. There are many ways to use CBD in healthy cooking. (more…)