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2020 Has finally arrived and So has a new take on CBD

2020 Has finally arrived and So has a new take on CBD! Founded by Roger Adams in 1940. Cbd has become very popular for a lot of health care needs. Extracted from the cannabis plant,Cbd is only one of 113 Cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Cbd is extracted from the plant and then injected into items such as lotion, oils, Chap stick and food edibles. People all over the world are now using cbd as their new health supplement. In fact, Cbd (thanks to the farm act of 2018) became legal in all 50 states of the U.S. It also became very popular in areas such as the U.K.

Although now legal, there are still some legal challenges when it comes to cbd. Occasionally travelers and truck drivers come to face struggles with under educated police officers. This will eventually change as soon as the local laws and policies catch up. So there is no need to worry if you accidentally get stopped by an officer for cbd.

Athletic care

Cbd not only became popular with health care patients but also animal care and athletes. Athletes use CBD to help prevent pain while doing workouts or playing the art of their sport. Lotions and oils are put on before or after their training or game to prevent being sore and giving them a more relaxed and stress free time. Creating an even more incredible experience playing the game they love. Cbd has also helped them when breaking or spraining bones and helping with the pain of head injuries. in a New York times article, it was stated that in one test example over 60% of the people using cbd used it for anxiety.

Animal Safety

“Is it really safe for your animals”!? Yes my friends yes it is! Animals (though some people don’t know) can have similar issues to humans. They can develop anxiety, stress, depression and pain. Not only can cbd bring relief to your little fur babies, but it can make them happier and feel more loved knowing that you care and want to help them. Cbd can be given to them by treats and lotions. When using lotions, it is most popular to put a little bit of lotion on the inside tip of the ear. You can now find CBD products for your babies inside of animal clinics and veterinary hospitals. But of course check with your vet before giving it to your animal so you know the right amount to be giving them.

Cbd has so many unbelievable benefits it’s hard to list everything. So keep an eye out for our next blog “how does cbd affect your energy and mood”?

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